The USCIS announced on November 7, 2007, that a new Form I-9 and a revised version of the "Handbook for Employers, Instructions for Completing the Form I-9" are now available. The significant revision to the Form I-9 is the removal of several "List A" documents which previously could be used for proof of both identity and employment eligibility. The omitted documents include: Certificate of U.S. Citizenship (Form N-560 or N-570); Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-550 or N-570); the Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-151); the Reentry Permit (Form I-327); and the Refugee Travel Document (Form I-571). The government had previously indicated that several of these forms were no longer sufficient, so the update is not a surprise.

Although USCIS is encouraging the use of the new I-9 immediately, it is not required until notice is published in the Federal Register. The USCIS website states that the former form will be accepted until 12/31/07.

The new Form I-9 can be accessed at

The revised M-274, Handbook for Employers, can be found at